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Hi folks,

This was not what we were expecting – all this heavy rain!

It’s not good, at the moment, for gardening as the soil conditions are absolutely saturated. It is going to take a long time before any work will be able to commence. If you do any digging on large areas, such as a vegetable patch, you will do more harm than good – the soil structure will get damaged and all previous work on improving the structure will be wasted. So, for the time being it is game of patience.

When conditions become variable, I would still go with caution. Standing on the soil when working will cause compaction, to prevent this stand on a scaffolding board, this will reduce the problem.

This also applies to lawn areas, avoid walking across them on days that have had heavy rain fall and if we do have couple of dry days don’t be afraid to get out your garden fork and aerate the patch of the lawn as this will help a little by helping the drainage plus aerate the ground.

In the meantime, there is plenty to be getting on with in the glass house, poly tunnel or windowsill, nurturing growing seedlings and potting up for the next growing phase. Be aware not to over water plus with milder conditions look out for pest/disease, i.e. whitefly & greenfly.  Check regularly and treat promptly to avoid any disappointments.

Hopefully folks it won’t be long before we all see the nice gentle sunshine and we can enjoy growing again.