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Plant Sale

Plant Sale

Lady Horticulturist is pleased to be able to supply bulbs, plants and hedges from local nurseries.


This is a new service being offered by Lady Horticulturist.  Limited supplies.  Please ask if you would like a particular variety not listed below.  House plants and hedging are also available on request.

Price List:

Daffodils £3.99 for 10, £20.00 for a sack

Cyclamen Coum £3.99 each

All other bulbs £3.99 for 6

Cyclamen Coum– ideal in a woodland situation, likes to be slightly damp and spreads well over time.  I have approximately 15 in stock

Parrot Tulips– these date back to Victorian time, giving vibrancy, very strong colours and good as a cut flower

Autumn Crocus– great for naturalising, ideal for late Autumn colour

White Tulip Trumpeter– very strong in growth, really good for breaking up the borders in mixed plantings

Iris Reticulata George– ideal in sheltered positions in rockeries, adding an early splash of colour in February

Queen of the Night Tulip– very strong striking colour adding drama (the dark tulips in photo)

Daffodil Paper White – can be grown indoors for Christmas, highly scented.  Ready-made planters are also available

Daffodil Tete a Tete – these can also be grown in pots or naturalised, very good in windy positions, strong vibrant yellow

Daffodil Fortune– medium stem in growth, very good for naturalising in clumps, starts flowering mid-March

Mixed Hyacinth– strong scented, ideal for any entrances or walkways

Indoor Hyacinth– an excellent Christmas present, these are prepared especially for indoors to promote flowering.  Ready- made displays are also available

Crocus Gipsy Girl – a little bit different, really good for naturalising and a bit smaller in flower but last for a long period of time.  Highly recommended

Snowdrop Galanthus– singles and doubles available.  Early flowering bringing signs of Spring.  Ideal for naturalising.  Must be in a shady area, slightly damp, they do not like to dry out otherwise they will not flower

Autumn plant displays– for your front or back door.  Price dependent upon size





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