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There’s nothing like peace and space in a garden

There’s nothing like peace and space in a garden

There’s nothing like peace and space in a garden

Unfortunately we live in a modern Society, where it is all hustle and bustle with no time to relax or to take things in.  I find this extremely sad as we live in such beautiful surroundings in Devon which I take great inspiration from.  This is why it is so important to use your garden to give yourself that time to be with nature and to take a slower pace and enjoy life.




During 2019 I would like to share a bit more of Mother Nature’s beauty with you all and the sense of calm and peace a garden can bring.  Whilst I am writing this blog it is a gorgeous bright winters day and the sun is streaming, the birds are singing and I am looking out across a patchwork of fields with the trees showing off their status with their sihoutted structures.  How lucky is that?!


Now that all sounds very nice, but all these fields have been managed and planned for years; with each spring the fields come alive with new growth of crops, manicured hedgerows and fauna that supports so much of our wildlife.  The farmers work hard to produce an eco-system that is sustainable for humans and wildlife.



Having your own garden takes a lot of planning, hard work and patience but can be very rewarding and exciting as it takes you on a journey to find your inner peace and calm as well as providing food for the kitchen.  For me, just being surrounded by Mother Nature and the great outdoors truly gives me a sense of peace and wellbeing.


If you like the sound of having your own peaceful haven but find gardening a bit daunting why not book in for a consultation with Lady Horticulturist to set you on the right path for 2019.