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Terms and Conditions


Waste Removal

  • Small amounts of garden waste can be disposed of in your council garden waste bin

  • Non-recyclable waste, i.e. plastic black pots can be disposed of in your general waste bin
  • There is a charge for any removal of garden waste/general waste by Lady Horticulturist
  • Lady Horticulturist can arrange quotes for skips if requested. Please note that a permit to park a skip on the road takes 10 working days to organise.  If you are considering parking a skip on your property, a permit is not required, however prior to organising, you should consider whether your property has appropriate lorry access and whether your driveway will be able to support the weight of a lorry, skip and materials.  Lady Horticulturist does not accept any responsibility for damage caused by the lorry or skip
  • Disposal of invasive/poisonous plants (e.g. Hogweed, Ragwort, Himalayan Balsam, Bamboo) must be carried out correctly in accordance with Environment Agency law, there will be an additional charge for this


  • Use of machinery will be charged at a higher hourly rate than non-machinery work


  • Clients must inform Lady Horticulturist of any existing plants they do not wish to be removed before work commences
  • Trees/plants will only be planted if the site is deemed suitable by Lady Horticulturist, taking into account root growth
  • Plants are sourced from licensed South West nurseries
  • A 50% deposit is required before the purchase of any plants/materials
  • Named varieties may be substituted, if necessary, when stock is not available
  • Lady Horticulturist takes pride and every effort to make sure that all plants are supplied free from pests and diseases. Lady Horticulturist does not accept responsibility for plants that have not been cared for as instructed by Lady Horticulturist.
  • Once plants have been planted in situ, Lady Horticulturist does not accept responsibility for adverse weather conditions or any other circumstances nor be liable for any consequences, loss or damage however caused once left the site


  • Clients must inform Lady Horticulturist of any known drainage, pipes, septic tanks, electricity etc before work commences
  • Clients should inform Lady Horticulturist of available water sources, i.e. water butts or mains, if more than one water supply is available, clients should specify which they would prefer Lady Horticulturist to use
  • Clients should be aware that large planting schemes and new planting will require a great deal of regular watering, particularly in periods of dry weather.


  • Pets should be supervised at all times
  • Pet excrement must be cleared before visits or a £5.00 charge will be incurred


  • The site will be surveyed before work commences, this can include measuring out, identifying uneven surfaces, visual tree survey, soil testing etc
  • Clients must inform Lady Horticulturist of any Listed Buildings, Tree Preservation Orders, Conservation areas, areas of Special Scientific Interest and wildlife within the garden, such as Bat or Bird nesting areas
  • Lady Horticulturist may need to consult with or arrange visits with other experts, this will include sharing client details
  • Clients should give permission to Lady Horticulturist if they wish work to be carried out whilst they are away from the property, including providing any keys/codes to enter
  • On occasion, Lady Horticulturist may have others working for her, any issues regarding their work must be directed to Claire Forster, Lady Horticulturist
  • Lady Horticulturist may need to cancel an appointment at short notice due to weather conditions/sickness etc
  • Lady Horticulturist may use photographs of your garden for publicity purposes, please inform Lady Horticulturist if you do not agree to this.


  • Quotes are valid for 30 days
  • Prices are subject to change; any price increases will be given to you in writing in advance of any work being carried out
  • An additional fee will be charged for any historical research which may include visits to record offices, RHS, Kew and local government parish councils.
  • Payment can be made by cash or BACS within 7 days


  • Off-premises sales (when you agree a job and price at your property) -You have the right to cancel the contract within 14 days without giving any reason – please see cancellation rights leaflet for more details. This does not apply to work under £42 or to emergency work carried out immediately under £170.00
  • Should you wish Lady Horticulturist to start work within the 14-day cancellation period you will need to sign your agreement to this.
  • On-premises sales (when you are written to with a quote and later accept) – cancellation rights do not apply.


Lady Horticulturist holds Public Liability Insurance, proof of which is available on request

Personal Data

Lady Horticulturist is committed to respecting your privacy and complying with applicable data protection and privacy laws.  The full policy is available on request or at


Any complaints will be responded to within 5 working days.  If the complaint is not resolved within one month, the customer will be given a written explanation detailing why the complaint has not been resolved and what steps are being taken.  Where it has not been possible to resolve a complaint, we will provide you with the contact details of your local Trading Standards office.


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