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Protecting your garden from stormy weather

Protecting your garden from stormy weather

Protecting your garden from stormy weather

Our poor gardens and the open landscapes have been affected by the recent severe stormy weather conditions and the extremely high rain fall.


For keen gardeners it is soul destroying to see our beautiful gardens being battered to pieces.  The soil is being saturated and valuable nutrients have been leached.



I feel this is a good time to re-examine the situation in our gardens, trying to reduce problems and therefore avoiding or lessening damage;  learning some lessons for the future so we can be more prepared in our gardens.



One of my personal professional opinions and recommendations is to study your garden.  Take notes, photos or videos of the problems.  Watch the wind circulation around the garden, note where puddles of water stand because of poor drainage.


One thing to consider for future is how more wind breaks could be created in your garden. Hedges and large shrubs planted in groups can slow the prevailing winds and turbulence around the garden. Doing this creates natural barriers and is good for the environment and supporting wildlife.

Also planting more suitable shrubs and trees in your garden will help with the satiability of the soil.


If you find this all too much, why not book a consultation with Lady Horticulturist.  You may find this is a real investment that adds value to your property.