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Photo of Spittlebug and Spittle

Deadly Plant Disease – Xyella

Scientists are worried that a deadly plant disease, Xyella, could be carried between plants by the Spittlebug.  The bacterium is not currently found in the ...
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Tree Pest – Oak Processionary Moth

Caterpillars emerge between May and July to feed before turning into adult moths.  They can cause damage to Oak trees as well as itchy rashes, ...
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Inside Devon Podcast

Have a listen to my recent Podcast with Inside Devon ...
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Giant Hogweed (Heracleum Mantegazzianum), is typically found near canals and rivers but can be found all over the UK.  It is an invasive plant that ...
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Protecting your garden from stormy weather

Our poor gardens and the open landscapes have been affected by the recent severe stormy weather conditions and the extremely high rain fall. For keen ...
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Time to reflect

As I return back to my client’s gardens after a bit of down time, it gives me the chance to reflect on the year and ...
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Plants …. good to be around

There is so much history and geography behind the different varieties of plants; great plant hunters collected them over the centuries, it is remarkable how ...
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What is a Horticulturalist Garden Consultant?

As many people are getting adventurous in their gardens, people are experiencing the benefits of being with plants and the outdoors. Since last year, many ...
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Turning to gardening

It is lovely to see so many people turning to gardening for the first time or even just enjoying the beautiful Devon landscape. We are all looking ...
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