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Planning for Winter

Planning for Winter

Planning for Winter

Lady Horticulturist is planning for her Winter tidy-up.  This includes heavily pruning back shrubs and rejuevenating areas that may have got overgrown, certain plants may need reducing to allow other plants room to flourish.  Sometimes this may look harsh but plants do respond well to harsh pruning as it encourages more flowers the following season.  Also, it renews dead, damaged and diseased stems, making the plant stronger.

Some clients get concerned about pruning shrubs and this is where I can come in, as an expert, to give you assistance in maintaining your garden.

When pruning I produce a lot of waste material;  am offering a new service, shredding this material.  I recommend it is stored for 3 months and then used as mulch on your borders.  This will supress weeds and hold moisture, especially through the summer months.   This is an excellent way of recycling material and reduces the cost of disposing of the waste.

This is also a good time to be thinking about your Spring bulbs to avoid disappointment, especially if you have a favourite variety or colour in mind.  T It is always a good idea to plant Tulips later in year (by the end of November/beginning of December) as this avoids Fire Blight and gives you the opportunity to choose your favourite variety and colour. There are various nurseries that you can take a look at with a good selection of bulbs, if you are unsure Lady Horticulturist is happy to advise.

I am also taking orders for hedging if you are thinking about having a hedge which can be pot grown or bare rooted for planting.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you wish me to order hedging, specimen trees, soft fruit or bulbs as these need to be ordered soon.  If you are thinking about replanting your garden for the Spring and you are looking for a consultation and guidance for a new planting scheme please get in contact.  For further details please look at my Consultation packages.