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Roses are Britains favourite plant.  Due to its scent, flamboyancy, and used to enhance a garden giving a cottage theme.  Roses can be used for any occasion as a gift or a form as rememberance as Roses are given names which can have alot of meaning to an individual.  Roses have alot of history, records show they date back to before Egyptian times.  The petals were used as scent in homes, as flower displays and in bathing.

Now is a good time to be planting Roses as the ground is still warm and conditions are favourable.  Bare root Roses are lifted and not surrounded by soil and sent out, keeping the cost down.  This is more environmentally friendly than buying in a pot.

There are many different types which are suitable for different situation such as climbers, ramblers, shrub Roses, floribunda, hybrid tea, minatures and ground cover.



Climbing Roses are an excellent way of bringing height and a feeling of abundance to a garden. They are best and frequently used on walls but also perfect for growing on pillars, obelisks, walls, trellises and arches.  They usually have large flowers, held singly or in small groups and most varieties have the ability to repeat flower.






Ramblers are perfect for arches, pergolas, covering unsightly objects and running through bushes.  They usually have small to medium sized flowers in large bunches and the ability to send strong often lax stems from the base of the plant.  They give a mass bloom, usually only once a year.  Many varieties produce beaufiful hips in the autumn and can be used as support for other climbers.






Shrub Roses are very compact, full of vegetation and buds and stout in its habit.  They can be used a a back of a border as they grow to approximately a 1 1/2 metres tall.  You can use an obelisk and give the appearance of a mini climber.  Usually they give a good display of several flushes of flower, if regularly deadheaded to promote more flowering buds.






A Floribunda is a cluster of flowers on one stem, very prolific in its flowering habit and very strong in growth.  However, it does have a little resting period through the growing season before it reflowers again.







Hybrid Tea is a single stem which is associated with florist displays, quite stout in its habit and can be very thorny.  It has numerous flushes of flowers if regularly deadheaded.







Minature Roses are ideal for small, modern gardens lacking in space and can be placed in pots, they also work well on the edge of borders. They are bred to keep small but are very hardy, with smaller flowers than standard Roses.  They have been in cultivation since the 17yh Century, most orginated as genetic mutations of old garden roses.  Most types grown now are the result of extensive breeding and are quite divorced from the original native species.






Ground Cover Roses are trailing or spreading woody perennials, ideal for growing in containers or steep banks that are tricky to garden.  Many are modern introductions and offer disease resistance.  They flower all summer and if happy, they’ll suppress weeds.






Some people find it difficult to maintain Roses, as they are unsure how to prune, when to feed and when to mulch.  If you are unsure, Lady Horticulturist is happy to advise you and give one to one training.  Please contact me for an appointment.